Reliable Metal Roof Repair in Houston

Leaking Metal Roof Repair

If your existing metal roof is suffering from wear and tear, or worst of all, is leaking and causing discomfort and damage, contact Texas Metal Roof Contractors (TMRC) now for a metal roofing repairs estimate. TMRC can renew your roof to better than new condition in a matter of days.

Repair Can Be Better Than Replacement

You may want to keep that traditional corrugated appearance or go for the more modern cool roof technology, adding the benefits of energy efficiency and a wide choice of colors. Either way, you will want to talk with AWS approved contractor with solid tile and metal roofing experience who can provide the options you require and expert advice on the process or restoration. There is a reason why TMRC has been around for so long and continue to be chosen by existing customers. That’s because they do roof repairs and roof restoration better than anyone else in the industry.

This is why:

  • TMRC knows the business and is serious about roofing. They’ve invested in the equipment, research, and product development.  TMRC isn’t going anywhere in a hurry, and we’ll be around to honor our workmanship for many years to come.
  • TMRC is an established roofing company who has been roofing Houston area businesses for years. Over time they’ve built up an experienced team of roofers who pride themselves in completing your roofing job on time and accurately to your requirements.
  • TMRC is reasonably priced, provides outstanding quality, and prompt, reliable service, (otherwise, others in the trade wouldn’t refer them), and they wouldn’t be one of the most trusted roofers in the Houston area roofing industry.

TMRC will replace or install your roof without any dramas, with the workmanship, and material warranties (conditions do apply) to leave you with a stunning roof that’s an asset to your home or business. Contact your local Houston roofing contractor, Texas Metal Roof Contractors (TMRC) now by calling today for no obligation free roofing inspection and a quote.

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  • Roof Tiles & Repairs
  • Cool Roofing Technology Coatings
  • Water Blasting & Chem Wash
  • Spouting Installation & Gutter Repair
  • Moss-Treatment & Removal