Roof Maintenance

Keeping Your Metal Roof in Good Condition

Not everyone can afford metal roofing repair services, especially if the problem is too complicated and the price is directly proportional to the intensity of the work. Therefore, if you want to avoid additional and unexpected expenses, here are some of the maintenance requirements you should always keep in mind. It takes regular and proper maintenance to keep your metal roof in a good working condition.

Remove Any Debris and Branches On the Roof

Metal RoofingAs much as possible, you should remove any debris or branches that are on the roof because it will eventually accumulate during the winter season. Therefore, during a sunny day when the roof is entirely dry, you should ask someone to assist you and examine the roof. Any reliable Houston metal roofing contractor will do a thorough inspection of your roof at no charge.  They’ll remove any dirt, debris, and give you a report on any defect that needs to be corrected.

Regular Maintenance and General Checkup

The general a checkup is necessary. You should check for any stains in your attic or the interior ceiling because that is a sign that the water is already seeping into your house. That’s a sure sign you need to contact your metal roofing contractor. You should also look at your roof if there are any missing metal shingles. Make sure that it’s still in good condition because moss and molds can shorten the lifespan of the shingles. Metal roof bolts and nails should be in place. You don’t need to be an expert to determine if the shingles will require replacement or not. The roof hardware will also need to be checked for maintenance, so do not overlook it.

Removal of Moss and Mold Growth

If you noticed that moss and mold had started growing on your roof, you should consider removing it as soon as possible. Buy a moss remover or cleaner and follow the instructions on how to apply it in affected areas of the roof. Most of the cleaning products will instruct you to slowly brush away the moss with a bristle broom and spray the solvent afterward. On the other hand, the power washer will help you in protecting your shingles from the extreme sunlight and harmful UV rays so that you can at least extend its span life.

Cleaning the Gutters and Downspouts

Clean Your GuttersIt is advisable that you wear thick work gloves when it comes to removing the debris that you can find in gutter and downspouts. After the area is clean, you can now brush away the dirt using a soft-bristled brush.  You can consider using your garden hose to make sure that you got rid of all the debris that needs cleaning. As much as possible, you should replace, repair, and repaint if you see that it is now necessary if you want to lengthen the service life of your roof. Now that you know how to clean and maintain your roof correctly, it will help keep you from suffering from complicated and costly roof repairs. However, if you can see that there is nothing left to do but to hire a roofing contractor, just make sure that you at least retain the right person to do the job.